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Hermes 90cm Brides de Gala En Finesse Silk Scarf
This image features my sold Hermes 90cm Brides de Gala En Finesse Silk Scarf. Check out my scarf tutorial here.

Miss Bugis is a one-man-running online store selling authentic pre-loved handbags and accessories based in Singapore.

First of all, I am sorry for my poor command of English because it was not my first language. Chinese Mandarin is my first language and I can speak a little and understand Bahasa and some Chinese dialects.

I started this business when my first child was about 2 years old. Working as an office, desk-bound worker with excessive over-time as a norm deterred me from being able to take care of my child. I was miserable at that time and feeling of a little bit of depressed.

In order to have more time for my child, I submitted my resignation. My employer was kind and offered me to work part-time (50% of my original normal working hours). However, the workload was simply too much that I had to work full time eventually. I decided to resign completely and run an online store so that I was able to have more time to take care of my child. And today, I have 2 beautiful children.

I do prefer to continue working for income and to stay connected to the society, although children can have better attention if I am a full time stay-at-home mom. I always feel that I am blessed to have the opportunity to experience the journey as an online seller and stay-at-home mom. The best gift I have ever received from being an online seller is having my clients and consumers becoming my friends. We share our experiences of selling and purchasing pre-loved authentic branded handbags and accessories, some stories can be quite funny or sad (scammed cases!).

To all of you who want or ever think of to start a business online or offline, please give it a try. You will never know what you will be gaining from the process. Be it an exciting or stressful process, we are gaining from that continuous learning experience. I wish you all the best in your endeavor ?


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