Brides de Gala en Desordre

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Scarf title: Brides de Gala en Desordre

Dimension: 70 x 70cm

Artist name: Cyrille Diatkine and Hugo Grygkar

Year of issue:

Collection: Spring/Summer 2020

Feature: Bridles

Material: 100% silk

Product reference: H983504S

Colourway number: 04 (Rouge/Blanc/Rouge)

Hermes retail price: SGD500, year 2021

Estimated resale value:

Image credit: Hermes

“The Story Behind” is not provided on Hermes website.

The estimated resale value is just a rough approximation. The resale values can be greatly differ depending on the (limited edition) design, condition, colourway, material and rarity. Eventually, the deal price is the result of agreed price between a willing buyer and seller.




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