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Scarf title: Kachinas (wash)

Dimension: 90 x 90cm

Artist name: Kermit Oliver

Year of issue: 1992

Collection: Reissue Fall/Winter 2019

Feature: Doll

Material: 100% silk

Product reference:

Colourway number:

Hermes retail price: SGD750, year 2021

Estimated resale value: USD560 (SGD752), LePrix. Price check done on 11 April 2021.

Image credit: yocco_7890 (Instagram)

The Story Behind

Kachinas are ceremonial dolls given to Hopi children, Pueblo Indians residing in the southwestern part of the United States. The Hopi live peacefully, as their name implies – Hopituh Shi-nu-mu means “The Peaceful People” – , and in harmony with spirits. Ancestors, clouds, gods of fire or rain, mischievous or benevolent spirits are personified in religious ceremonies involving boys from the age of six, during their initiation. A link between the real and invisible worlds, these brightly colored wooden dolls charged with symbolism are given to children to familiarize them with their ancestral beliefs and rituals.


The estimated resale value is just a rough approximation. The resale values can be greatly differ depending on the (limited edition) design, condition, colourway, material and rarity. Eventually, the deal price is the result of agreed price between a willing buyer and seller.


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