Reasons for Quality Merchandise


Reasons for Pre-Loved
This image was taken from my sold item Bottega Veneta Nero Intrecciato Nappa Bag.

We are living in the world of over-supplying of consumer products. Most of the time, we throw away things such as clothing before it is worn out. The reason could be it is out of trend or our desire to acquire new ones. There could be cases where we have to discard a piece of clothes after only wearing it for a few times due to damage of poor workmanship. Or we have to discard a handbag while it can still function well but simply because of the synthetic leather is peeling.

Unnecessary Waste Due to Poor Quality

Let me share with you a real story. A friend told me that she bought two handbags from China during her leisure travelling. The handbags turned out as a complete waste. The bags were split into half after putting in her belongings such as mobile phone, house keys and umbrella. She packed her bag in the bedroom and while on her way to the main entrance, the bag was split into half. It was damaged even before she left her home which was just about 1,000 square feet in size. She had no luck for the second similar bag. All small items were not too heavy to carry but the handbags’ seams were too narrow that they could hardly withhold any tension. This is what I do not understand. Handbag is made to be used, why not in the first place the manufacturer made it right?

Value vs Price

Quality merchandise can cost slightly or much more. But it can become cheaper if used in the long term. With the superior quality, design and style, one may tend to use it more frequent and having less headache for choosing what to wear. I understand that not all have the privilege to use quality merchandise. But for those who can afford a better quality, why not go for it? As a wise consumer, shouldn’t we make a purchase base on value not price?

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