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Miss Bugis Store Front OpenCart
This was how my former homepage looked like.

Miss Bugis is a website selling authentic pre-loved luxury handbags and accessories. My OpenCart e-commerce has served me for many years. It was not an easy decision for me when I decided to revamp my website for a brand new look and better user experience. I am not an IT savvy person, I was not trained nor I have received related education. Everything is challenging for me. I feel uncertain whether I should go through the same or worse level of “suffering” by creating a website as I had done before. However, in view of the current trend that patrons are using their mobile/tablet more often for convenience, I believe I shall progress too. My OpenCart e-commerce was not mobile responsive. I have long never updated it since my creation was finalized because I had done lots of manual configurations for both html and css. I was afraid that everything will be gone after updating my website to the latest version.

I am currently revamping my old website which looked like the image I have uploaded here. As expected, it was another steep learning curve for me. From backing-up files, choosing WordPress version, theme, plugins and went through all testings needed, it took me about 4 days to finalized. Finally, it is time for me to list my products one by one. 

I am aware that I am not a professional web developer or designer. But, I will do my best to provide you at least a smooth web browsing experience. Stay tuned for more upcoming products ?‍♀️

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