What Constitutes an Authentic Designer Merchandise?


There are a few reasons why a consumer wants to purchase designer merchandise from per-loved market than from the boutiques. It could because of the colour or model of a particular merchandise is no longer available in boutiques, or he or she is looking for decent saving by spending on pre-loved goods.

What Constitutes an Authentic Designer Merchandise?

For whatever reason it is, authenticity has became one of the concern. Buying replica merchandise is not the topic here. What constitutes a genuinely authentic designer goods? Is a refurbished designer handbag considered authentic when the lining changed, colour repainted or leather conditioned by leather-care professional or artisan not from the particular fashion house? The answer from fashion houses is definitely a NO. How about for us as a consumer?

In my opinion, as long as the repairing work is done on the intention of prolonging the life of an item, it deserves to be named as authentic. Although authentic designer merchandise is made to last with the use of supreme quality materials and workmanship, wear and tear is unavoidable. It is such as waste to see merchandise not put to good use just because the strap is worn out, lining is peeled, stitches are loose, colour transfer happened and so on. Some repairing works are beyond the service scope of fashion houses and customers are turned down for that reason. Looking for alternative solution thus become the only option for these people, who want to add new life to their pre-owned merchandise which the overall condition is still usable. This is an interesting story from Hermes – Luxury Is That Which Can Be Repaired.

The Beautiful Vintage Chanel WOC

Here, I would like to share a vintage Chanel Wallet on Chain (WOC) that was supple to the touch and got its lining changed. Thus, this item carried no Chanel gold hot stamping on the inside but only original dust bag and authenticity card. Its goldtone hardware was superb despite the scratches which indicated this handbag was actually put to good use. With a square engraved mark on the CC logo hardware on the flap on the exterior (see photo), it indicated that the hardware was gold plated. Produced in between 1986 and 1988, the hardware remained incomparably bright. Although the lining was changed by a non Chanel artisan, I would still call it authentic vintage Chanel, to respect the artisans who had first made it and the effort of the second artisan who did his best in matching the standard of his workmanship to this wonderfully created handbag. Its charm was beyond description.

This vintage Chanel Beige Quilted Lambskin Leather Wallet on Chain was sold.

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