Hermes 90cm Silk Scarf Base Fold


Hermes 90cm silk scarf is versatile, elegant, classic and soft to the touch. We hardly make any mistake wearing it to any occasion, from wedding dinner to casual social gathering. It does not only save you time in choosing what to wear, but also save you lots of money in buying more clothing that cluttering your wardrobe and you hardly wear the second time. By investing wisely in Hermes 90cm silk scarf that can last you for decades if you know how to care for it properly, it may turn out that it is a value for money investment. I do not use the word spending here because I do not feel purchasing a piece of wearable art is a waste of money. When we have the right things we need, we do not need any more addition to our closet, as simple as that.

Today, let’s look at how to make a simple base fold using Hermes 90cm silk scarf. This fold is named as Pli De Base (base fold) on Hermes scarf knotting card. Feel free to play the audio recording if you are keen to know how to pronounce it. You may use a square scarf of any brand, or even those unbranded ones.

Pli De Base (French)

Hermes 90cm Silk Scarf Base Fold
The reverse side of the scarf faces up. Fold and slightly overlap both ends in the middle.


Hermes 90cm Silk Scarf Base Fold
Fold both edges to the middle.


Hermes 90cm Silk Scarf Base Fold
Fold one side of the edges to meet the edge of the opposite side.


Hermes 90cm Silk Scarf Base Fold
You have done! The scarf is ready to wear.


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