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Hermes bags are quite neutral in general. The Birkin, Cabag Twist, Evelyne, Haut A Courroies (HAC), Herbag and more are not only for women but also for men. However, it is still a necessary to create a list of Hermes men’s bag models so to enable your easy referencing and information searching. By using the search function below, this post – Hermes Women’s Bag Model Index, helps you to filter the names of the handbags you are looking for.

How to Use the Search Function?

If you search using keyword “Birkin”, you will be able to see the classic Birkin, Birkin Cargo, Birkin Faubourg, Birkin Fringe, Birkin Ghillies, Birkin JPG, Club Birkin and Shadow Birkin appearing. If you are wondering how these Birkin variations look like, head to my blog Hermes Women’s Bag Model with illustrations. The same will happen if you search for “Kelly”.

If you are searching by keyword “Chaine d’Ancre”, you will be seeing a “3” besides the name of the model. This means there were three Chaine d’Ancre bags of different designs I was aware of when compiling this post. If the number of variation was left blank, it denoted only one design for that particular Hermes women’s bag model.

I strongly recommend you to read my blogs with a desktop or laptop rather than using a mobile for larger screen and speedier cross reference across various posts. I do not affiliate with Hermes so I will not have the complete data on the women’s bags Hermes has rolled out so far. The compilation here was simply data I have collected to date and by no means absolute or intended to mislead the readers.

On a side note, the cup holder on the Birkin Cargo (top row, second image from the left) is for you to put your beverage. But I was wondering how many Birkin Cargo users will use that holder. I can not imagine if I spill my coffee on the bag accidentally.

Hermes Women’s Bag Model Index - Hermes Birkin Variations
The Hermes Birkin variations.

Attention: The internal data of table “22” is corrupted!

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