Hermes Women’s Bag Model


Unlike other luxury handbags adorned with logos and monograms which make the brand easily identifiable, Hermes women’s bags have relatively less recognizable traits, at least to those who are not familiar with the brand.

Although owning Birkin(s) and Kelly(s) are dreams for many, these bags are not easily acquired unless you are an Hermes regular customer, let alone the hefty price tags. Nonetheless, if you are getting one (or two or more) you truly love, either from the boutique or pre-loved market, congratulation! You now are getting an heirloom for yourselves.

Like many of you, I have preference towards certain Hermes women’s bag models such as the Berline, Constance and Double Sens. Hermes’s craftmanship is unparalleled. If you have decided to pamper yourselves with an Hermes merchandise but do not want to break your bank, try out the fashion jewelries, scarves, small leather goods or handbags from the lower range.

This blog aims to provide you an overview of Hermes women’s bag models. The list is definitely non-exhaustive because some of the bags like the Minaudiere Clou Medor was being removed from Hermes website when I was creating this blog. This webpage is subject to update as and when needed, so stay tuned for any new addition.

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I have also created Hermes Women’s Bag Model Index to help you search for the variations for a specific model. Check out that blog to learn how to use the search function.

Hermes Women’s Bag Model

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