Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Coated Monogram Canvas 2010 to 2019


The introduction of Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Coated Monogram Canvas is always fascinating. This is the second post of the same topic which covers the limited editions that were rolled out from year 2010 to 2019. The table in grid format below is to enable you to have a quick glance of all the designs I have compiled. Feel free to contact me if you find out that I have missed out some. The slider at the bottom contains more information, which includes clearer and zoom-able images, colour variations, features, short introductions for designers and audio recordings for pronunciation. Do note that not all variations were included.

The number of limited editions is huge and it is impractical to include everything in a single post. Thus, I have to split this topic into three posts for limited editions rolled out over the past decades. Click at the respective links below to explore designs created from year:

This is video from Louis Vuitton for the Catogram Monogram Canvas. I hope you enjoy this post by being able to appreciate the designs from the House at one glance.


Fleur De Jais Fleur De Jais
Eclipse Eclipse
Illustre Illustre
Yayoi Kusama Yayoi Kusama
Infrarouge Infrarouge
Chain Flower Chain Flower
Palm Spring Jungle Dots Palm Spring Jungle Dots
Savane Savane
Catogram Catogram
Jungle Jungle
Vivienne Mascot Vivienne Mascot

Fleur De Jais

Fall/Winter 2010 collection By LV Creative Director, Marc Jacobs


Fleur De Jais (French)


Spring/Summer 2011 collection
Feature: The Monogram canvas was embellished with black sequins.


2011 – 2019 collection


Illustre (French)

Yayoi Kusama

2012 collection
By Japanese contemporary artist, Yayoi Kusama


Yayoi Kusama (Japanese)


Spring/Summer 2015 collection
By LV Creative Director, Nicolas Ghesquiere


Infrarouge (French)


Summer 2015 collection
Feature: A gigantic V which stands for volez (fly), voguez (sail) and voyagez (travel) printed on products such as Neverfull, Speedy and wallets.


Volez (French)





Chain Flower

Spring/Summer 2016 collection

Palm Spring Jungle Dots

Spring/Summer 2016 collection
Feature: Inspired by the palm trees of Southern California, this design was used on products such as backpack, Speedy, bag charm and wallet.


Spring/Summer 2017 collection
By British artists, Jake and Dinos Chapman
Feature: The Monogram canvas Savane were illustrated with animals such as lion, giraffe, rhinoceros and elephant.


2018 collection
By LV Creative Director, Nicolas Ghesquiere and fashion editor, Grace Coddington


2019 collection
Feature: Gigantic Monogram in leopard and zebra prints on coated canvas. This design was used on ready-to-wear (clothings), fashion accessories, bags and shoes.

Vivienne Mascot

2019 collection

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