Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Coated Monogram Canvas 2020


The introduction of Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Coated Monogram Canvas is always fascinating. This post covers the limited editions that were rolled out in year 2020.

The number of limited editions is huge and it is impractical to include everything in a single post. Thus, I have to split this topic into three posts for limited editions rolled out over the past two decades. This is the third post. Click at the respective links below to explore designs created from year:

It is very tiring to compile for Louis Vuitton limited editions. I have worked nearly 16 hours for these three posts in the past one week. Although the writing is lesser compared to other posts but the time taken to design the layout and test the user interface was tremendous, not to mention rectifications and refinements.

I will be updating this post from time to time, to include limited editions for year 2021 and onwards. Thank you for spending your previous time on my post and I hope you like this video brought to you by Louis Vuitton featuring the Monogram Canvas Crafty.

Escale Escale
Crafty Crafty
Clouds Clouds


2020 collection
Louis Vuitton x League of Legends LVXLOL
Feature: Monogram Canvas patterned with blue-and-silver or gold-and-silver camo.


Summer 2020 collection
Feature: Inspired by the ancient Japanese Shibori technique of knotting and folding the fabric before dyeing process. The products made of Monogram Giant Canvas Escale showcasing beautiful tie-dye effect either in blue, red or pastel.


Shibori (Japanese)


Fall 2020 collection
Feature: Monogram Giant Canvas with a bold graphic design inspired by Aboriginal masks from the personal art collection of Gaston Vuitton.


Fall/Winter 2020 collection
By Virgil Abloh, American designer, entrepreneur, DJ, Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton’s men’s wear collection
Feature: Signature cloud-print LV initial, the predominant theme from Virgil Abloh’s fourth show.

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