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The different types of Chanel hardware on bags plays the same role as buttons on clothing, or costume jewelry on a woman. It adorns a handbag, seduces you to walk into Chanel boutiques again and again, enriching your style and look, adding varieties to your collection and confusing you what to carry for the day. The “hazardous” consequences are endless…

From aged goldtone, black metal to combination designs that use leather, imitation pearls, strasses, and gemstones, we are curious and love to see different Chanel hardware designs.

Owning every single design Chanel rolled out is impossible, but admiring them through images is something we can do whenever we want. Similar to my other posts such as Different Types of Chanel Fabric and Non-Leather Material and Different Types of Chanel Leather, the list is non-exhaustive and subject to additions. 

Click at the individual points below to proceed to the respective section if you are interested in finding out a particular hardware design. I hope you like this post and wish you a nice day.

Black Metal

Chanel bags made with this hardware are named as All-Black.

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Brass is a combination of copper and zinc that requires periodical care to maintain shine and remove trace of oxidization.

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Goldtone Metal

Chanel goldtone hardware nowadays are a lot more faded than vintage Chanel. I personally prefer the vintage ones. These are a few examples of Chanel goldtone hardware on my vintage handbags.

Below are the recent goldtone metal in matte and glossy finish.

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Iridescent Metal

The ruthenium hardware reflects rainbow hues and commonly used to pair with iridescent leather. This hardware can be found on Chanel Boy, Classic Flap, wallet-on-chain, Chanel Gabrielle and wallet. Photo courtesy of 1stdibs.com.

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Lacquered Metal

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Ruthenium-Finish Metal

Ruthenium is a member of the platinum group. Chanel bags can be in either glossy or aged ruthenium hardware. Which one you prefer?

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Silvertone Metal

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The House also loves to use combinations of materials such as enamel, imitation pearls, strass, leather and gemstones to enrich the design selections.

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Last updated on January 15, 2021.

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