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A GST can mean Goods and Services Tax instead of Grand Shopping Tote for a non-Chanel fan. Similarly, GP can mean gross profit for a person with financial background instead of Hermes Garden Party. For those who just started to embark on their journey of wanting to own the first or second piece of luxury fashion houses’ creations, be it a bag, clothing, accessory or (costume) jewelry, researching on the related information could be something they do before walking into the boutiques. And it is very common for them to come across many fashion abbreviations and acronyms that do not make sense to them.

As you can see from Chanel’s Instagram post below, she spelled out the full name for Fall-Winter (FW) and ready-to-wear (RTW). However, not all posts (I did not mean only Chanel) were written in such an easy-to-understand way. This Chanel post was featuring a giant imitation pearl wallet-on-chain (WOC). Tempted to own one? yeah…

This article will help you make some sense in a quick way. Do utilize the search function because of the long list.

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Hermes Evelyne I PM Bag
This is my sold Hermes Evelyne I PM Bag.

Hermes Evelyne I PM Bag refers to Hermes Evelyne Generation #1 Bag in small size. This sling bag was sold and check its product details here if you are keen.

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