Delayed Shipment - COVID-19

Delayed Shipment Due to COVID-19


I hope this message find you well. In this moment of health crisis, being able to secure our business or job, staying healthy, resting well and having unprecedented bonding moment with our family members is a blessing. Delayed Shipment and… Continue Reading…

Hermes 90cm Brides de Gala En Finesse Silk Scarf

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Miss Bugis is a one-man-running online store selling authentic pre-loved handbags and accessories based in Singapore. First of all, I am sorry for my poor command of English because it was not my first language. Chinese Mandarin is my first… Continue Reading…




Please email me at or use the Facebook chat function at the bottom right of my website to send in your enquiries. Thank you and wishing you a nice day 😊

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Revamping of Website


Miss Bugis is a website selling authentic pre-loved luxury handbags and accessories. My OpenCart e-commerce has served me for many years. It was not an easy decision for me when I decided to revamp my website for a brand new… Continue Reading…


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